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Doormaker (Book 4) - EBOOK

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Read the fourth and final book in the Doormaker series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Thornton.


Maella’s been captured by General Foster—the very person hunting her family into extinction. He plans to force Maella and her brother to open access to the One Door. Once General Foster controls the One Door, he’ll control all the worlds and hunt down the rest of Maella’s doormaker family.

But when the relic that controls access to the One Door is discovered to be incomplete, Maella is confronted with what seems like her only option for survival: to align herself with Doormaker Tain—the uncle who drove her family away to take refuge on Earth—in order to defeat General Foster.

Maella must return to Earth to complete the relic, but what ultimately awaits her at the One Door will determine the fate of all the worlds.
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