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Doormaker (Book 3) - EBOOK

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The thrilling third book in the Doormaker series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Thornton.


In order to survive her death prediction, Maella might have just broken all the portals across the three worlds.

Maella's best friend, Claritsa, has been kidnapped. Maella's father is still missing. Only Sethlo and the other torchlighters are by her side, but now that the Tower of Shadows has fallen (and all the licatherin is gone along with it), they will soon suffer the effects of krokosod—the flesh-death that results from licatherin withdrawal.

Somewhere inside the Library of Souls are the answers Maella needs to save her family, her best friend, and all the worlds.

But with both General Foster and Doormaker Tain on the hunt for Maella, and krokosod nipping at her heels, will she find the answers in time?
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